Founded in 1979, Olean Community Theatre, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that provides quality on-stage and behind-the-scenes theater experiences to individuals of all ages and backgrounds with the goal of stimulating and encouraging broad public participation in the dramatic arts.


What Sets Us Apart...

OCT is the only community theater in the region to operate continuously since 1979 with well over 100 shows to its credit, reaching an audience of more than 100,000 people.

OCT is proud to be awarded funding from the Cattaraugus County portion of the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program.

OCT has been recognized by the Theatre Association of New York State with many, many TANYS Merit Awards.  In addition to being invited to perform at the state festival, OCT has taken top honors not once, but twice in both overall show and individual performance categories!

Our most recent awards, including our Eastern States Theatre Association top prize and our Theatre Association of New York State Festival honors are listed on our AWARDS page.

OCT has an equipment and costume rental program that assists productions in area high schools and at other community theaters.


Board of Directors 2019

Tim Hollamby

Janet Nolan

Ruth Fuller
Board Member

Board Member

Ryan Wheeler
Vice President

Benjamin Hollamby
Board Member

Bob Sherburne
Board Member

Board Member

Linda Wells

Bill Steffen
Board Member

Board Member

Proxy Members:

jake riggs

ashley labombard

kari hollamby-kloss

pat waldron

Proxy Members may vote when a Board Member is absent

The First 25 Years of Community Teamwork


Robin Avery
Sharon Backos Young
Minna Badanes
Douglas Bushnell
Glen Chambers
Paul Cruskie
Mark Dibble
Dr. Bob Donovan
Kevin Kenney
William S. Locke
Kathy Malick
Dale Miller
Paul Nelson
Kathleen Niebuhr
Nick Patrone
Sheila Peace-Rambacher
James Pomeroy
Ken Roberts
Mary Rolick
Timothy Shelgren
William Steffen
Eric Van Druff
Lyde Van Scoy-Patten

Vocal Directors

Kevin Badanes
Judith Green Belin
Karen Bender
Richard Folts
Carol Hakes
Douglas Hallenbeck
Joy Harris
Joelle Harvey
Nancy Hefti
Joseph Kelly
Betsy Leute
Dale Miller
Charles Rasely
Kerry Anne Salisbury
Timothy Shelgren
Timothy Spiller
Jennifer Tisi
Edward Tyler


Susan Budzinski
Rachel Burns
Sharon Dwyer Bushnell
Marcia Gallineaux Hubert
Patrick Gallineau
Laura Ishum
Kevin Leary
Donna Moore
Joseph O'toole
Lesley Patrone
Jari Poulin
Ardyth Van Scoy
Meredith Van Scoy
Brenda Zeman
Fior Zinzi


Ed Belin
James Chapman
Richard Folts
Ruth Hurd Fuller
Gordon Hardy
Sylvia Lynch
Eric Van Druff
Jonathan Wilder

PLUS...the over 900 different individuals who have performed on our stages in more than 80 OCTshows throughout the years!